Extrusion Presses and Machines

Designed, manufactured, assembled and tested at Siddharth Industries, the” SIDDHARTH EXTRUSION PRESSES”cover widest range of applications for metals like Aluminium, Copper, Copper alloys, other nonferrous and precious metals. With in-house design improvements evolving over the years, based on various requirements of extrusion process, the new range of SIDDHARTH presses are robust & compact in construction, user friendly and maintenance free. Meeting global standards and customer needs, these press also posses advanced features like Infinitely Variable Extrusion speeds, PLC Controls, Digital Display and many more. The capacity of these high performance quality machines ranges from 360 Tonnes to 6000 Tonneswith extrusion speed upto 60 mm/sec.Numerous customized Siddharth Presses specifically designed after understanding the users application are in operation at various Extrusion Units in India and other countries of the sub-continent

Quick Pressure Development during Extrusion and Upset operations. Rapid & Smooth De-compression after extrusion.
Minimises/Nullifies displacement of End Platen due to elogation of Tie Rods.
Minimises/Nullifies Variation in Tie Rod Stresses, thus eliminating ‘Fatigue’ failures.
Rigidly of the Press is number of times better than Simple Tie-Rod Press.
Possibility of Nut Loosening is totally eliminated and hence nut re-tightening /re-adjustments are not required.
Twisting of End Platen eliminated.
Alignment is perfectly maintained due to proper location of Parts.
Provides Solid support to the guides of Container and Moving Cross Head.
The Tie Rod Sagging due to weight of Container and Moving Cross Head is totally eliminated.
Ensures perfect parallelism between End Platen and Cylinder etc.