Leo after that informed me you to Glucose reaches new central tower

Leo after that informed me you to Glucose reaches new central tower

Trebol after that grabbed Leo along with his fellow dwarves with his sticky compound

Just after Thunder Soldier and some dwarves split up from them, Leo explained which they went along to the latest best Disabled dating sites regal palace to attack Doflamingo the moment Sugar try beaten. Whenever Usopp was saw from the two of Doflamingo’s people, the brand new dwarves stripped them. Because they were baffled, Leo and you may Rampo knocked them aside. Shortly after Usopp and Robin placed on disguises, the fresh rebels went on on to the central tower. [23]

Once they arrived at the fresh new exec tower, Leo explained to Usopp regarding the union involving the tower and the fresh trash lay. They then infiltrated brand new tower and went to the bedroom in which Sugar and you can Trebol was indeed found. Leo created a strategy to defeat Sugar. The guy grabbed out an excellent cut off out of Tatababasco, that’s referred to as hottest spice worldwide and the new dwarves caused it to be shaped such as an excellent grape. Leo wished to place the spruce into the Sugar’s container out-of red grapes about dreams one Sugar perform eat it. As he went toward perform their package, the guy ing, the brand new operation might be a success. [32]

Immediately after enjoying Trebol shoot a fly with higher reliability, Robin stopped Leo regarding entering the area, comprehending that Trebol can spot your. [33] Whenever Bian triggered a commotion from the change vent which have an armed forces from wasps, Robin attracted Trebol out from the area. Immediately following Trebol was outside of the tower, the fresh dwarves billed into the and you may rushed during the Glucose. The brand new assault failed since the Glucose turned some of the dwarves toward their doll servants and you can ordered them to eliminate every intruders in the tower. Having forgotten new dwarves that have been merely transformed, Leo’s classification involved with fight with their previous comrades. [34]

These were disturbed when a ship tossed from the Trebol crashed for the the newest tower. After deceiving Leo into sharing which have exactly who they were allied, Trebol ignited the newest gooey compound, leading to it so you’re able to burst. Shortly after picking right up Leo, Usopp recommended that they should sanctuary. Yet not, Leo is actually insistent into finishing the fresh operation therefore Thunder Soldier you may challenge Doflamingo. Whenever Usopp questioned your why the brand new dwarves set a great deal believe regarding doll soldier, Leo revealed that Thunder Soldier ‘s the just toy who will break the rules facing Doflamingo and this he is the one and only Kyros. [21] Making use of dwarves disabled, Leo place their believe from inside the Usopp. [35]

To display their believe, Leo and his fell comrades begin chanting “Usoland.” Whenever Trebol asked what he had been chanting, Leo announced one to Usoland will save you just the latest dwarves, however, the enslaved playthings also. Trebol just laughed during the their believe, proclaiming that they certainly were lied so you can in addition to their saving grace was not coming and most likely someplace laughing at their agony. Then told the dwarves one to the believe during the your was missing. Leo furiously ignored Trebol’s feedback, saying that Usoland will certainly rescue them. Just before Leo can tell anymore, Trebol stomped new dwarf with his foot. Whenever Usopp turned up to store her or him, the guy accepted which he wasn’t what the guy claimed to get and that he or she is extremely a lying pirate. Regardless if saddened by the details, brand new dwarves cheered getting Usopp as he launched an attack facing Trebol. [13]

Leo ended up being amazed in order to in which Usopp was

The brand new dwarves were worried when Usopp is overwhelmed of the Trebol. Whenever Glucose forced brand new liven to the Usopp’s lips, Leo try amazed to see that Usopp’s phrase terrified Sugar therefore much you to she destroyed understanding. [36] To the primary purpose away from Procedure SOP done, the fresh dwarves wept over Usopp’s triumph and stated that they can generate a sculpture from Usopp. [37] The dwarves then transmitted Usopp out-of an angry Trebol whenever you are Robin kept your straight back. These were upcoming shocked when Hajrudin found Usopp. If previous submissives announced its allegiance to their saving grace, Usopp bought his newfound followers so you’re able to damage new Laugh factory and you can the fresh new dwarves shout out Usopp’s label. [38]

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